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Please fill in and submit this form if you’d like to take part in the Slam. Performing gets you cheaper entry and, um, a free biscuit. Yes. Free biscuits for performers!

And, of course lasting fame and people finding you (even more) sexually desirable. It’s true. Trust us - we’re poets...

If you filled this form in before 12-Jun-10, it won't have reached us; please send it again.

(Oh, and in case you’re worrying, we’re not about to sell your details on to anyone else. We promise. Not only are we just not like that, but we’ve no idea how to go about it, even if we did turn out to be Satan’s arse-scum-sucking minions. Just sayin’.)

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Tick here to show that you wish to perform on the night of the
10th Poetry Kapow! on 23rd July 2010 in Madcap Theatre, Wolverton.

Out of interest, can you spare 20 more seconds to let us know where you heard about the event? (You can pick more than one by pressing Ctrl while selecting options.)