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M(onkey) K(ettle)-where it all began!
MK40-Monkey Kettle editor, matthew michael taylor, chronicles his life in the Mirror City, 40 years after its birth. Musings, news, culture and not a little history and geography (of the good kind).
MMT in MK-MMT continues the chronicles above, 41 years after the birth of the mirror city!
Madcap Performing Arts Centre in Wolverton-site of the slam, among other ace things!
Speakeasy-home of creative writing in Milton Keynes - a Writers' Group par excellence
Solutium-our genial host - the organisation that makes this virtually poetical page possible. Hats off!
Milton Keynes Gallery-free art! Culture! Lovely people!
Milton Keynes Theatre of Comedy-it's ace!
The Poetry Society's "Landmarks" Page-find poetry near you!
Milton Keynes University of the Third Age Poetry Group-what an ace title!
Artnet MK-the place to network in Bucks!
Top Dog Creative Writing Workshop-become a top poetry dog!
Milton Keynes Theatre's "Writing Live" Workshop-learn how to write for the stage!
Milton Keynes Libraries' Reading Groups-get together with like-minded people
Wolverton's Living Archive Project-about as diverse a drama/ documentary/ writing/ museum/ archive/ interview project as you could ask for!
Our very own Miss Danni K (aka Antagonist)'s DeviantArt poetry site-rare rants and literary loveliness from performance poetess extraordinaire.
Faith Hope-The Reluctant Poet, aka Fay Roberts, demonstrates her literary side under the pseudonym of Faith Hope with a range of short and longer prose pieces, and a growing collection of versicles...


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