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The History of Monkey Kettle Poetry Slams, Poetry Kapow!s and other live poetry events:

Ah, nostalgia. Here is space to sit and reminisce fondly about... Well, okay, it was only 2½ years ago that we had our first Monkey Kettle live poetry event, but a lot has happened in the world of Milton Keynes poetry in that time, so it seems like a long time has passed! In March 2006, Monkey Kettle made its first bold (and, some would say, inevitable) outing into the world of performance, bringing the words off the page and onto a more public pedestal worthy of the talents that reside therein. And more followed swiftly...

Let us tell you about some of it:

Slam I - The Inaugural Slam - 17th March 2006

MK4U - 1st July 2006

Slam II - The Poetry Smackdown! - 8th September 2006

Slam III - Variously Titled (Poetry Ho-Down; Ladies' Night; Poetry Slam III) - 28th April 2007

Waterside Festival - 16th and 17th June 2007

Korfstock - 28th June 2007

Kapow! 4 - Cabaret Night! - 17th November 2007

Kapow! 5: The Resurrection - 2nd May 2008

Kapow! 6: Seasonal Climax - 7th December 2008

Kapow! 7: Spring Thing - 11th April 2009

Kapow! 8: The Slam of Omens - 13th November 2009

So, all this after that first slam, what has changed? The crew has certainly increased in number, we’ve made plenty of friends and maybe a few enemies, but the Monkey Kettle magazine itself still burbles along thanks to its tireless Editor MatthewMT and friends, and the continued work and enthusiasm of the contributors and public. We’re still passionate about words, and about Milton Keynes, being unavoidable at events in the city (from festivals to art gallery gatherings to literary happenings). And we’re back at our beloved Madcap Performaning Arts Centre, which itself is precariously held together by the dedication and tireless effort of a pool of volunteers and staff, especially Tony and Carolyn, and these evenings are indebted to them. When you come to the 5th Poetry Kapow!, please take note of the Madcap’s atmos and the place it holds at the centre of Milton Keynes arts.

Join in the fun at the next Kapow!, and show some love to the Kapowsters, the Monkey Kettle team, the lovely, shiny poetry magazines and books, and the little gem that is the Madcap Performing Arts Centre.


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